Enough about the devil…

Isn’t it crazy where conversations lead. Last night we were on a long drive to LA (Lower Alabama) and our two boys started talking about bible stories. The subject of the devil came up and how he deceived Eve in the garden. Then the two 11 and 8 year old theologians began to discuss when the devil would be banished and how they could not wait for that. A couple of minutes later Caleb, our oldest, continued to talk about the devil and how he is always up to bad stuff…to which Jacob replied “enough about the devil, let’s talk about God!” What a statement!

Have you noticed how much airtime evil and negative actions gets in the world and more importantly in our lives? Somehow the idea that the world “has gone to pot” has overshadowed the truth that God created “and it was GOOD”. Jesus steps into the world and begins to proclaim the good news that the kingdom of God is all around us…and it is Good. In fact, God, since the beginning of creation until now is creating and pronouncing that it is good. Our opportunity, in spite of the whisperings of the serpent, is to hear the voice of truth that pronounces the goodness of God and all of His creation.

So…enough about the devil, let’s talk about God!


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