A Quick Hello!


Have you had a good week?  I hope so!  We have…..wanna know why??

Okay, I’ll tell you. We received our home study, right in our hot little hands! Why is that a big deal? Because we can now apply for our I1600A…part of the VISA process for our little girl.  And, I found a little girl play- kitchen at a consignment sale along with  wayyy too many  several pretty little outfits!! Can you tell I’m excited?? I know….it’s a bit annoying. I’ll try to reign it in a little.

Enough about me. How are you? What’s new?  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a lot of you. Following you on Facebook isn’t the same…;)

If you didn’t know about our adoption before now, you can read about it a few posts back. I would post a link straight to it, but can’t figure it out right now!   I’ll give you a quick rundown….

She’s beautiful, 2 1/2, from South Korea, and we hope to bring her home by early next year. We’re all very excited and the boys are ready for a sister!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend! I think we’ll hang around the house this weekend.  The boys start school in a little over a week, so they’re wanting to play their last days of summer away! Maybe I’ll attempt another Pinterest recipe….who knows? I do know that I will sleep late Saturday.  That’s one of my favorite rituals;) You would think that I wouldn’t do that anymore, but I guess I’ll never fully grow up.  I remember the days of youth camp when the kids would get to breakfast bright and early and “someone” who shall remain unnamed for now would try to wake me up, only to find that I wanted sleep a lot more than I wanted breakfast! Those were fun times:) And I would still choose sleep over biscuits anyday!



It is Friday and it is HOT in Mississippi! Back to the 100 degree days…… (by the way, I never thought I would live in Mississippi!)
What are your plans for the weekend? I think I’ll do nothing some house cleaning and restock our pantry since we have had green beans for 2 nights straight. My boys will start to rebel soon. Maybe I’ll bake something and actually get some school supplies for my children.
I will certainly watch cartoons, stay online too long, go see the new Batman movie and try not to be late for church Sunday.
We’ll see how everything pans out…..
Oh, and I’m determined to actually do one of the cool crafty ideas I see on Pinterest! I know you don’t believe me.
Happy weekend!



Okay.  Now you know where are heads are these days, so let me tell you about something else very near and dear to me.

When people adopt internationally (and domestically, for that matter), they have to write some pretty big checks. It’s expensive, plain and simple.  Well, there is this ah-mazing website that I stumbled across during my many hours of web surfing about funding raising and paying for adoptions.  The idea of this site is this: if everyone gives a little, it can make a HUGE difference. That makes sense, right?? It was started by Beth Cupitt, a mom who is also adopting and who saw a need.

I reeaalllyy want you to check out this website. You will hear more about it later…



Our Family is Growing


Well, it’s official!  We are expecting Garrick #3!!  SHE will arrive sometime next year and we are BEYOND excited!  Can you believe we’ll have a little girl?  Sean has already been looking at girly furniture and I have banned myself from any store that sells little girl clothes;)

You probably remember that I do not do well with pregnancy, right?  So, this time around there will be no morning sickness or complete exhaustion for me. (for now, anyway)  because WE ARE ADOPTING!!!  Woohooooo!! Can you tell I’m stinkin’ excited?? We all are!

Here’s how it happened…

Last year, we were exploring different options regarding foster care and adoption.  After months of trying to figure out what in the world we were supposed to be doing, God made it very clear to both of us that we were to pursue international adoption.  It took us a while to embrace that idea because we had always thought we would adopt domestically. But, no.  International adoption, it is. So, we started researching different agencies and programs and realized that we wanted to adopt a “waiting child.”  A waiting child is either older, has special needs or is part of a sibling group.

We narrowed down our options and decided on adopting a girl, around 5-6, probably from Haiti.  Welllll, as we kept looking at the waiting child lists, there was a picture that I kept seeing.  I would take a break from looking (because I really was a bit obsessed…I can admit it).  A week would pass and I would check again and she was still there. I read, re-read and showed Sean (more than a few times) her picture. Finally, we decided to inquire about this one little girl from South Korea.  After a LOT (and I do mean a lot) of paperwork, questionnaires, phone calls and being presented to the “commitee” at the adoption agency, we were CHOSEN to be her parents!  That was the Thursday before good Friday.  This was a tentative placement until our home study was accepted by our adoption agency.  So, we started the process of getting our home study updated to an international home study. It took 3 1/2 months. The paperwork involved should qualify us to work for the FBI! Seriously. – After all of our clearances, background checks, fingerprints, etc., came back, our home study was submitted to our agency and we were OFFICIALLY matched with our sweet girl! FINALLY!!

Here are the details on our little girl…..she lives in an orphanage in South Korea.  She is 2 1/2!  (whoa, baby, it’s been a while!) We do not know how long the rest of the process will take, but she should be in her new home, our home within a year.  (hoping and praying it’s sooner!)

We feel like our experience with developmental delays have prepared us to care for this little girl. We know she’ll need speech/language therapy, but other than that, we aren’t sure. Just like we weren’t sure what our boys might need. Or what any of us will need.

Okay, so here are some answers to a few of your questions:

Adoption?? We feel like we have been called to adopt.  According to Unicef and Orphan World Relief, there are between 147 and 210 million orphans in the world today.       *James 1:27*

Why South Korea? Honestly, we were not committed to a specific country until we saw this little girl. We felt drawn to her and she lives in Seoul, so that’s why!

How long will it all take? Our agency says to expect it to take up to a year for all of the paperwork to be complete in the U.S. and in South Korea. (more clearances, immigration papers, etc.) We are praying for everything to go smoothly and for the wait to be as short as possible. The boys have passports and we are all ready to go get her!

What agency did you use? We are using Holt International. And they are fantastic. They have programs in South Korea, China, India, Uganda and Ethiopia, to name a few.

Is adoption expensive? Yes, it is. Lots of fees and expenses involved.

We are so glad to share the news with you!  You know where to find us if you have any questions.

Editing to add that all adoption begins with loss for the child and the birth family. While our family is excited about our soon to be daughter joining our family, it’s important to us to acknowledge that it is not joyful for all involved. She will leave everything she’s ever known.

Easy Living


There’s 104 days of summer vacation….

Does anyone else love the Phineas and Ferb theme song? We do, but my kids were sorely disappointed to realize they did not actually have that many days off for summer! Bummer! School starts back in less than a month. Geez…that was fast.

Daycamp, a few movies, lots of late nights, and a week with the grandparents has been about the extent of this summer break.  Nothing too exciting. And they have loved it! We have learned along the way that busier does not always means better.  It’s nice to take a minute to breathe every now and then!  But, if you’re running into more “Mom, I’m booorrred” days than you like, maybe you could

go on a nature walk, or a bike ride, to the library, to an airshow (Blue Angels if you’re near Pensacola), to an art museum….a lot have kids’ programs during the summer, play under the water hose–remember that? make ice cream, camp out in the living room, eat a watermelon then see who can spit the seeds the farthest, make playdoh…

I am looking down my hall where there is now an obstacle course made out of string. Tomorrow, I think we will go to the park. But not too early…..I’m sleeping in!

Happy Summer, y’all!

Lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer

I would live at the beach if I could. Seriously. In a hut.  Well, maybe not a hut, but still. However, that would not bode well for our family. Instead, I steal a few hours of beach-ness anytime I can. 

I should clarify that when I say beach, I mean beach with white SAND.  I cannot handle lakes. Unless I can get in a boat. Ohmywordno. Apparently, I have some sensory issues of my own.  I have to know what I’m stepping on.

4 hours this weekend. That’s all, but it was awesome! I LOVE summer, the sun, the 100 degree days. Who knows why? I grew up in Mobile, where it’s hot, humid and home to mosquitoes.  You would think I would rather live in Alaska.  But no….give me sunburns, sweaty kids and the sound of waves any day. 

Speaking of sunburns, my poor son needs a better mom.  His face was glowing by the end of our little beach excursion.  Fortunately, he tans better than I do. He was nice and brown by the next day. So what’s worse?  A little sunburn or blocking every bit of Vitamin D the sun has to offer with SPF 90?

I’m one of those people who wilt a little in the winter. I miss the sunshine so much. So I soak up every drop I can, whenever I can. 

Sitting in the sun for a few hours is good therapy for me.  (As is reading a good book!)Image What’s yours?

Things I wish my younger self had known…

Kids really do grow up too fast! Where are my babies?? Can you tell I miss my kids?

I can cook anything I want to. Even gluten free stuff! And it’s GOOD! (that was meant to be funny)

Hard work pays off.

Life is good.

Sometimes you have to let people/relationships/things go.

It’s okay to forgive. Yourself.

Grace is underused in our world. Don’t be afraid of giving or receiving it.

Don’t be afraid.

Where the Boys Are

It is very quiet at our house. Our boys are in ‘bama with the grandparents, swimming, staying up late, eating junk food and making memories. Aahhhh, the carefree life of a kid!

I can appreciate some quiet, some adult convo and not having my TV show automatically switch over to Regular Show every 30 minutes, but, it will all get old soon.  I need my children around me! I need to fix another drink or referee a fight. I miss hearing “mom, mama, mommy, mother, ma…” And I’m sure Sean’s getting tired of me bossing him around missing the kiddos, too.

Remind me that I was tired of the quiet house next week.