Lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer

I would live at the beach if I could. Seriously. In a hut.  Well, maybe not a hut, but still. However, that would not bode well for our family. Instead, I steal a few hours of beach-ness anytime I can. 

I should clarify that when I say beach, I mean beach with white SAND.  I cannot handle lakes. Unless I can get in a boat. Ohmywordno. Apparently, I have some sensory issues of my own.  I have to know what I’m stepping on.

4 hours this weekend. That’s all, but it was awesome! I LOVE summer, the sun, the 100 degree days. Who knows why? I grew up in Mobile, where it’s hot, humid and home to mosquitoes.  You would think I would rather live in Alaska.  But no….give me sunburns, sweaty kids and the sound of waves any day. 

Speaking of sunburns, my poor son needs a better mom.  His face was glowing by the end of our little beach excursion.  Fortunately, he tans better than I do. He was nice and brown by the next day. So what’s worse?  A little sunburn or blocking every bit of Vitamin D the sun has to offer with SPF 90?

I’m one of those people who wilt a little in the winter. I miss the sunshine so much. So I soak up every drop I can, whenever I can. 

Sitting in the sun for a few hours is good therapy for me.  (As is reading a good book!)Image What’s yours?

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About tonyagarrick

Southern wife to a great hubby, mom of 2 exceptionally awesome boys and 1 beautiful little girl... love reading, laughing, the beach, coffee and Coke, pretending to garden, newness, travel. Do not love seafood, lies, scary stuff. This blog is about our family and our adventures through life, wherever that may lead.

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