Our Family is Growing

Well, it’s official!  We are expecting Garrick #3!!  SHE will arrive sometime next year and we are BEYOND excited!  Can you believe we’ll have a little girl?  Sean has already been looking at girly furniture and I have banned myself from any store that sells little girl clothes;)

You probably remember that I do not do well with pregnancy, right?  So, this time around there will be no morning sickness or complete exhaustion for me. (for now, anyway)  because WE ARE ADOPTING!!!  Woohooooo!! Can you tell I’m stinkin’ excited?? We all are!

Here’s how it happened…

Last year, we were exploring different options regarding foster care and adoption.  After months of trying to figure out what in the world we were supposed to be doing, God made it very clear to both of us that we were to pursue international adoption.  It took us a while to embrace that idea because we had always thought we would adopt domestically. But, no.  International adoption, it is. So, we started researching different agencies and programs and realized that we wanted to adopt a “waiting child.”  A waiting child is either older, has special needs or is part of a sibling group.

We narrowed down our options and decided on adopting a girl, around 5-6, probably from Haiti.  Welllll, as we kept looking at the waiting child lists, there was a picture that I kept seeing.  I would take a break from looking (because I really was a bit obsessed…I can admit it).  A week would pass and I would check again and she was still there. I read, re-read and showed Sean (more than a few times) her picture. Finally, we decided to inquire about this one little girl from South Korea.  After a LOT (and I do mean a lot) of paperwork, questionnaires, phone calls and being presented to the “commitee” at the adoption agency, we were CHOSEN to be her parents!  That was the Thursday before good Friday.  This was a tentative placement until our home study was accepted by our adoption agency.  So, we started the process of getting our home study updated to an international home study. It took 3 1/2 months. The paperwork involved should qualify us to work for the FBI! Seriously. – After all of our clearances, background checks, fingerprints, etc., came back, our home study was submitted to our agency and we were OFFICIALLY matched with our sweet girl! FINALLY!!

Here are the details on our little girl…..she lives in an orphanage in South Korea.  She is 2 1/2!  (whoa, baby, it’s been a while!) We do not know how long the rest of the process will take, but she should be in her new home, our home within a year.  (hoping and praying it’s sooner!)

We feel like our experience with developmental delays have prepared us to care for this little girl. We know she’ll need speech/language therapy, but other than that, we aren’t sure. Just like we weren’t sure what our boys might need. Or what any of us will need.

Okay, so here are some answers to a few of your questions:

Adoption?? We feel like we have been called to adopt.  According to Unicef and Orphan World Relief, there are between 147 and 210 million orphans in the world today.       *James 1:27*

Why South Korea? Honestly, we were not committed to a specific country until we saw this little girl. We felt drawn to her and she lives in Seoul, so that’s why!

How long will it all take? Our agency says to expect it to take up to a year for all of the paperwork to be complete in the U.S. and in South Korea. (more clearances, immigration papers, etc.) We are praying for everything to go smoothly and for the wait to be as short as possible. The boys have passports and we are all ready to go get her!

What agency did you use? We are using Holt International. And they are fantastic. They have programs in South Korea, China, India, Uganda and Ethiopia, to name a few.

Is adoption expensive? Yes, it is. Lots of fees and expenses involved.

We are so glad to share the news with you!  You know where to find us if you have any questions.

Editing to add that all adoption begins with loss for the child and the birth family. While our family is excited about our soon to be daughter joining our family, it’s important to us to acknowledge that it is not joyful for all involved. She will leave everything she’s ever known.

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20 thoughts on “Our Family is Growing

  1. How awesome Tonya! You and Sean will be great parents to a little girl just like you are to both of those boys! Can’t wait to meet her!!! Send pictures if you have them!!!

  2. I am not able to have children of my own and will probaby never be in a position to adopt…so glad to know there are special people like you reaching out. Congratulations…hope all goes well and stays on course. Would love to participate in fundraising events.

  3. I knew it! Didn’t I ask if you were pregnant and Sean said that he was….I knew y’all were up to something exciting!! We are so excited for you and can’t wait to follow all your fun moments with your new baby girl!

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