Reece’s Rainbow Waiting Children

Hi family and friends, old and new;) I am going to periodically post a waiting child for the world to see. Today we have¬†Vitaly from Reece’s Rainbowūüôā He, along with other children, are either waiting on their families to find them or are waiting for their families to actually travel to pick them up. ¬†Here’s another link to a page of waiting children. One little boy has hearing loss. Some have DS and others have various other special needs. They all need a family, so if you want info on them, click the contact button on the Reece’s Rainbow site. Or share their story with others. You can always donate to their fund, which helps families afford to bring them home.

Thanks, everyone!!

Tiny Step Forward

Sean is traveling this week and so is our care package. I hope she likes Ellie the elephant! We know she loves the toddler puffs… she was chowing down on them during our visit.

Also, our I 600-A was approved! (remember when we applied for it?) That’s Homeland Security’s stamp of approval on our adoption. Well, their first stamp. The 2nd will come later, after some things happen in Korea. Everything’s rocking along, slowly but surely. Still hoping for mid-late Spring, if all goes smoothly from here on out. We all have a birthday between now and then, plus Thanksgiving and Christmas, sooo here’s hoping that time flies!

Waiting Children

Have you thought about adopting? People do it for different reasons. ¬†Helping orphans in need, building your family…it’s a personal decision for each family. ¬†¬†In our process of adopting Julianna, my eyes have been opened to the great need there is for families to step up and adopt waiting children. Did you know that in some countries, special needs children are not taken care of the same as the other children in the orphanage? Why, you ask? ¬†Because they are not valued. They may not get the same amount of food…be abused, be neglected. Some orphanages are known for it. My heart breaks when I hear about these stories that still go on in 2012. ¬†Of course, not all orphanages are that way. Some love their children that are in their care. Some are well taken care of, fed, played with. But some are not.¬†

Our daughter is at an orphanage where the children are treated with dignity and love. We are truly thankful for that. I know not everyone adopts and not everyone that adopts can handle every special need. I am completely unfamiliar with Down’s Syndrome. I was also unfamiliar with Autism until our youngest son was diagnosed with it. I learned about it quickly because he is my son. That’s why we knew we could parent another child with developmental delays. It’s not scary to us anymore. We see Jacob first, for who he is. Not for his diagnosis.

You can see a number of waiting children on Reece’s Rainbow. This site advocates for children with special needs, a large majority having Down’s Syndrome. ¬†Take a look…pass along this info to someone who is considering adopting. A lot of these children are able to be sponsored to help their families bring them home.

This is what I know. God uses his people to carry out his promises.  How we allow Him to use us is up to us. 

Wordy Wednesday

Jacob so graciously shared his cooties with me so I’ve been feeling pretty yuck all day. ¬†Thanks, J!

Who’s excited that Survivor’s back on?? Me!! And Sean. And the Stewarts. ¬†I have no idea who else…

I’ve always loved reality TV. I’ve watched AA, too, every year, but the jury’s still out on these new judges. ¬†Watching the BB finale now. Love it!

Just a few more random thoughts….

Jacob’s birthday is in November. ¬†He has been telling us what he wants since March. No lie. He has added to his list all year, including where to buy everything. If we can’t get it for his birthday, we’re allowed to get it for him for Christmas. The boy is hilarious!

Of course, Caleb’s list is shorter, but more expensive now. Such is life with a mini Sean.

I am super glad that it’s fall. ¬†The weather has been beautiful today. I’m ready for some fall food, like pumpkin pie! I think I’ll try a fruit cake again this year, too. Maybe this one won’t be so dry. I think I need to make it way ahead of time instead of 3 days before Christmas.

We’re hoping for snow this year! We need a snow day or 2 and to be able to slide down the hill on cardboard.

I am ready to go back to Korea. Waiting is not my gift.

My boys are such sweeties! Jacob could not wait to do his homework even though he was home from school. Caleb loves band and can play a few notes on his euphonium. BUT, when he was playing it, I seriously thought it was Jacob passing gas. For real. The boy is gassy, I tell ya! (sorry if that’s too much info, but it’s the truth! and it was funny, ¬†you know it)

When I don’t feel well, I sleep, (more than normal) so I’m about to conk out again. I took a huge nap today, too. Thanks for reading!

Care Package

Guess what this is?! We’re getting our care package ready for Julianna! Yayyy! I’m excited! Jacob has named the elephant, so we weren’t sure if it was going to actually make it into the care package…. but so far, so good! Caleb is holding toddler puffs–they were a hit at the visit. We’re going to send some socks and a cute little purse/photo album, too. And an instant camera. ¬†We’re hoping they’ll take some pictures of her for us to have later. (and a dress if it if fits into the box, along with another purse and a small stuffed dog…I may have gotten carried away)

I started making the teeny tiny dolls I mentioned before. I’m about half way through with one. I’m not fast, but it’s pretty fun. (not fast is an understatement) ¬†I’ll show you a picture when I’m finished. ¬†Sean’s at the store now buying my stuffing for the dolls. He’s a keeper.

Nothing New Saturday

It feels like Fall! Yayy! As much as I love summer, I’m ready for pumpkins and the fall flavors at Starbucks;)

We had a band meeting today for Caleb. Which is odd, considering that he’s only 5, right? ¬† He’s excited to be in the band, so we hope he’ll still love it by the end of the year. Oh, he’s going to play the baritone, or the euphonium to be exact. ¬†Never heard of the euphonium? Me neither.

Jacob is doing really well in 3rd grade. I’m so happy about that. ¬†I was worried about the new school for Mr. Jakey. (don’t call him that–he won’t answer) His teacher has been so great. So far, with the exception of someone pulling his ear, we’ve had no issues at all.

I’m supposed to be learning to sew these super cute tiny dolls that I have the patterns for. As of right this second, I’ve done absolutely nothing towards that goal. I don’t even have the supplies needed. I did play xbox with Jacob since he and I were the only ones up at 6:30 this Saturday morning. I blame that on jet lag–we all know that I would not ever choose to be up that early. I also tried to play Legos with him until he decided that Caleb was a much better playmate. ¬†So, I went and made him some toast instead. Caleb can’t do that, can he??! I guess he could, but he didn’t…

So, a lazy Saturday it is. A few errands this morning and football and lounging this afternoon. A pretty perfect day.

Our Girl


So, Korea was great.  The beautiful mix of old and new, modern and ancient. We were able to visit 4 different cities.  Seoul, Pyongtaek, Uijongbu and Ilsan. Schools in the first 3, baby girl in the last.

Baby girl’s name is Julianna, by the way. Her Korean name is Yeon-a.

Now I’ll tell you about the visit. We were driven to the orphanage by our social worker. She was so helpful and sweet…and spoke English! Ilsan Orphanage has a few different houses that are home to the residents. It is mainly for moderate to severe special needs’ children–they can stay there as adults, too. It’s a sweet place. Our girl has some developmental delays and was placed at this orphanage so she could receive therapies. She goes to Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. ¬†She goes to preschool off campus. And, she loves yoga. ¬†(yes, yoga) ¬†Apparently, they have yoga at school. We took some snacks and a book with a strap that she promptly turned into a purse. She got mad at me for not giving her the snack container and snatched my glasses right off my face:) I thought it was pretty awesome…..I’m glad she has spunk! They told us that she’s very silly and she’s not as aggressive towards other kids now. (UH-OH!) Oh, and she knows a few English words, including “tank chu”. ¬†She went right to Sean and seemed to really take to him. It was very sweet. We spent about an hour and a half with her. We had prepped ourselves to enjoy the visit and not be emotional when we left. But boy, was it hard to leave her there. In an orphanage.

Mixed emotions is an understatement. I’m thankful for her caring, sweet caregivers. I’m sad that she’s there. Glad that it’s available for people who need it. Sad that people need it. Happy that we’ll be able to bring her home next year. Sad that it takes so long. ¬†Thankful for time with my boys to prepare their hearts for our new addition. Sad that she’ll have to grieve her losses when she comes home with us.

In the meantime we’re …

Waiting on the next pile of paperwork needed. We’re focusing on the fact that ¬†she’s being taken care of and loved. We’re hoping that we don’t run into any roadblocks along the way to slow the process down. We’re thankful to be a part of her life.

You can: pray for this whole process and all of its details, including our boys, Julianna and her huge transition that’s ahead. Be patient that we’re not posting pics yet. I’m not quite ready to have them on FB, but I’ll be glad to show you when I see you. We’ll keep you posted!

Tomorrow’s a Big Day…

It’s a big day for us! We’ll meet our little girl!! I’m nervous and excited and nervous again:)

We’ve been in Korea for a week and have really enjoyed our time here…we’ve met lots of new people. ¬†We’ve been on the bus, taxi, train and subway. Lots of traveling around and LOTS of walking! ¬†We have to go to the agency to meet our guide so we’re hoping that we’ll miraculously learn to speak Korean tonight so we don’t get lost. Nahhh, we’ll probably just take a taxi.

We’ve skyped the boys several times and I miss them.

We’re not sure if we’ll post pictures tomorrow or not, so hang in there with us.

I’m off to get everything ready for tomorrow. Our morning in Korea is your night, so think about us tonight. Sean has made me promise not to cry until we’re gone, so we’ll see how that goes.

Bye for now!