Waiting Children

Have you thought about adopting? People do it for different reasons.  Helping orphans in need, building your family…it’s a personal decision for each family.   In our process of adopting Julianna, my eyes have been opened to the great need there is for families to step up and adopt waiting children. Did you know that in some countries, special needs children are not taken care of the same as the other children in the orphanage? Why, you ask?  Because they are not valued. They may not get the same amount of food…be abused, be neglected. Some orphanages are known for it. My heart breaks when I hear about these stories that still go on in 2012.  Of course, not all orphanages are that way. Some love their children that are in their care. Some are well taken care of, fed, played with. But some are not. 

Our daughter is at an orphanage where the children are treated with dignity and love. We are truly thankful for that. I know not everyone adopts and not everyone that adopts can handle every special need. I am completely unfamiliar with Down’s Syndrome. I was also unfamiliar with Autism until our youngest son was diagnosed with it. I learned about it quickly because he is my son. That’s why we knew we could parent another child with developmental delays. It’s not scary to us anymore. We see Jacob first, for who he is. Not for his diagnosis.

You can see a number of waiting children on Reece’s Rainbow. This site advocates for children with special needs, a large majority having Down’s Syndrome.  Take a look…pass along this info to someone who is considering adopting. A lot of these children are able to be sponsored to help their families bring them home.

This is what I know. God uses his people to carry out his promises.  How we allow Him to use us is up to us. 

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