Reece’s Rainbow Waiting Children

Hi family and friends, old and new;) I am going to periodically post a waiting child for the world to see. Today we have Vitaly from Reece’s Rainbow🙂 He, along with other children, are either waiting on their families to find them or are waiting for their families to actually travel to pick them up.  Here’s another link to a page of waiting children. One little boy has hearing loss. Some have DS and others have various other special needs. They all need a family, so if you want info on them, click the contact button on the Reece’s Rainbow site. Or share their story with others. You can always donate to their fund, which helps families afford to bring them home.

Thanks, everyone!!

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Wife to a great hubby, mom of 2 exceptionally awesome boys and 1 beautiful little girl reading, laughing, the beach, coffee and coke, pretending to garden, newness, travel. Do not love seafood, lies, scary​ stuff. This blog is about our family and our adventures through life, where that may lead. Thanks for stopping by!

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