Beautiful Sunday

It has been a beautiful  2 days here in MS. The cool weather has kicked in–woohoo!!  Sean is gone for a couple of weeks–boooo! I wore my new boots today–love them–thanks, Sean!  Caleb made his wonderful costume today while Jacob and I worked on his school project.  We had a nice, relatively fight-free afternoon.

I’ve had a few questions about our tees that we’re selling. The ladies’ shirts are true to size and a medium red color.  The men’s are lighter and more “washed” in appearance.  You can click the picture to order.  I’ll put our fundraiser link HERE so you don’t have to scroll down to find it.  We appreciate those who have purchased items from us or Zoe Clothing.  We’re still on their site, by the way! Isn’t that nice of them? Seriously, it is;)  If you bought a shirt from them, upload it to their FB page! And mine, for that matter:) Did we tell you that if Caleb had been a girl his name would’ve been Zoe? We love it! (Julianna was close to being a Zoe, too, just so ya know)

While I’m soooo very excited about our baby girl coming home next year (excited is an understatement), I still have a burden in my heart for those children who don’t have families.  It just makes me sad, as a mother. Children need to be in a home where they are loved. So tonight, I’m putting up a link to Reece’s Rainbow for a boy named Felix. He is in Eastern Europe and is waiting on his family. He’s also HIV positive. And he needs a mama. He has been transferred out of the baby house into a mental institution.  That’s where children with special needs go. To a mental institution where they receive no real education and they just live there forever. Felix is 4.  There is a social worker in Oklahoma who has offered free home study services to any OK family who wants to adopt him.  It’s almost more than I can stand to write. I know that I can’t save the world and I know that everyone doesn’t adopt. We all have our own “callings”.  I get it.  But someone may be interested in learning more about Felix, so I’ll spread the word here and you can share this info to others. You can also learn more about adopting and caring for kids with HIV at Project Hopeful. Also, here’s a link for AdoptUs Kids, the US foster system’s registry for children within our country who are eligible for adoption.

Thank you for supporting us on this part of our journey! And believe me, it truly has been a journey that is changing us, hopefully, for the better.

Still 30 Something

Another day, another year older!!;)  It’s all good…..I don’t mind being an adult. (thanks for the birthday greetings, by the way!)   My hubby bought me some new boots that I love and will wear way too much.  I would wear boots every day if I could.  Birthdays are fun! Even after your 20’s- but not nearly as much as when you’re a kid, or so my boys tell me.

Jacob’s birthday is next month.  He apologized to us that his gifts were going to cost us so much. He has asked for about 27 presents and thinks he’s getting all of them.  Won’t that be a happy birthday for him?

Sooo, just so you know, I’m convinced that “adoption hormones” are real.  Up and down, emotional roller coaster.  (It’s probably a good thing Sean is traveling a good bit these days. Maybe it’s on purpose.) We are so ready for our girl to be home. It’s hard to wait and wait.  And wait. Even the boys are over the waiting.  Caleb is ready to be a big brother. He’s had plenty of practice.  Jacob is taking this new role very seriously. He told us that we should be preparing him because he has no idea what to expect. He’s so funny!

Strangely enough, I have not bought a Halloween costume for the fellas this year. Caleb is making his and Jacob wants to be a shadow, so apparently, no costume is needed.  I can’t wait to see how this all works out!

How Many Days ’til Christmas?!?

Fine, thanks for asking! And you??

Along with  Zoe Clothing and our tees and necklaces for sale, a local Thirty-One Gifts rep has very graciously offered to host a fundraising sale for us. We will get a percentage of all sales, online and in person. Your order will be here in plenty of time for Christmas. If you order online, you can have it shipped to your home. So, here’s the 31 Gifts link where you can shop! (Thanks, Karen Crossett!!!)  I’ll have a party at my house, too, so local peeps, you’ll receive an invitation soon.

These are 2 of their products that I have and love…the Cinch Sak (cute backpack or sleep over bag–yes, I have one for Julianna already!)

and the Thermal Tote. (great for gifts, ball games and zoo trips!) Mine are in the Circle Spirals pattern. Basically, big polka dots!

Happy shopping, y’all!!



Also, we received notice this week that one of our grant applications will be reviewed in November by one organization. You can pray for that, specifically. (pretty please!)

I added a page (at the top) with links to other families’ fundraisers. Feel free to support them, too!!  Share the love!;) I’ll leave it up through the holidays.

We’ve been asked about our own tees. Ladies, they are roomy and we have  a variety of sizes:) Guys….it’s a shirt.

63 days ’til Christmas! I have kids–I have to know these things!! Time to start planning for the holidays….I do tend to procrastinate, though.

In the words of the Walgreens cashier (every single time I come in or go out) “take care and be well!”

Life Is Good

Only 2 more sleeps until Dad comes home! (for 2 days, but still) This is “travel season” for Sean, so he’ll be gone quite a bit between now and Christmas, then again right after Christmas. Anyway, the boys don’t like it, but we really do fine when he’s gone. But it does make me appreciate him while he’s away! And, tomorrow’s our 15th anniversary, so I’m thankful for my husband.  But, boy, does time fly!  Seriously!  Fifteen years and two kids (soon to be 3!) later…life is definitely an adventure.  The past 15 years have brought about some major change and growth for us.  We are both very different  people than when we first got married. (at least one of us has gained some weight….we won’t say which one–I’m still losing my baby weight)  Such is life, right? Life brings about experiences that make us grow, if we choose to. Good and bad, lots of ups and downs, never perfect, but always growing.

Caleb was practicing tonight. I would show you a video, but he would be embarassed, so I’ll show you his picture.

 Yes, I’m proud of him.  You may remember that I mentioned at the beginning of school that he was not enjoying middle school. Well, he seems to be now, so I’m really happy about that. And he’s going to the afternoon homecoming dance tomorrow. Oh boy(s). Sean’s getting old!


Just a quick thank you for shopping Zoe Clothing. We will receive $15 per adoption tee and a percentage of the other stuff when you type in our name. We are still on their website, so we are very grateful.  THANK YOU so much for your love and support!!

We’ll have a few more fundraisers over the next few months. We don’t expect anyone to participate in all of them, so we’re going to provide a few options for those who want to be a part of the fundraising. Many thanks!!

Saturday Hello

How is your Saturday going? I have my coffee (thanks, Sean!), slept late and the boys are enjoying their morning of nothingness. It’s a good day.

One perk of being involved in advocating for adoption is that I’ve made some new friends who are also in the adoption process. Sally is currently in the second half of their adoption phase. Check out her blog about bringing Martin home.  (feel free to chip in to their fund–they have a matching grant through October)

As always, you can click my big Give1Save1 Asia button, too, to see the current family of the week!  (see it over there on the right?) The Campbell family will be featured through this weekend and next week will be the Tucker family. Take a look at their stories, too.

Our Zoe Clothing fundraiser is still up and running! You get cute clothes (the girls’ tees are especially cute!)  and they donate a percentage to us:)  We truly appreciate it!

Oh, and Sean is teaching Caleb to vacuum…….my day just got better!

Fall Break!

Yayyy, fall break’s here! I think I’m looking forward to a long weekend as much as the boys are. It’s even supposed to get cold this weekend!

We are working on our blog a lot these days, so pardon the craziness going on along the sidebar.

The boys and I celebrated National Taco Night a day late….had some Mexican food for dinner, listened to way too much talk about video games and are now back at home doing nothing.  Sean’s been gone this week, so he’ll be flying back in tonight. We all miss Dad when he’s gone.

Last year at this time, we were getting ready for our Autism Walk.  If you’re not familiar with Autism, read about it sometime.

We are heading south this weekend.  I’m going to take my tiny doll supplies and beg my mother for help. You would think I could’ve completed one by now, but no. Those teeny feet got the best of me!

Jacob was shining the laser pointer in my face, so I told him to stop. He proceeded to tell me not to worry about it because this would all be in the past very soon.  Good point! – Caleb told me that when he has to carry his baritone euphonium on the bus, his 2 buddies that share the seat with him all have to put their backpacks underneath, along with his friend’s trombone so they can all hold the (huge and heavy) euphonium! And, of course, he hits people with it on the bus.  Nice.  #mykidsarecrazy    Sorry, this isn’t Twitter, is it??

If you haven’t taken a look at Reece’s Rainbow yet, it’s a site that advocates for waiting children with special needs from around the world.  When you look at that blog, you’ll notice a box in the center right with Psalms 97:5. The little boy in the middle lives at my baby girl’s orphanage with her. They’re close in age.  He did have a family pursuing his adoption but they changed their minds. Say a little prayer for him, please. Lots of kids are waiting, so share the links  (here’s the Holt link) if you know of someone who is interested in adopting.

Since Caleb is hanging around me a lot these last few minutes, that can only mean one thing. (he just wants a hug?)  He’s wanting on the computer.

Enjoy your weekend! Do something fall-ish and tell me about it!