Fall Break!

Yayyy, fall break’s here! I think I’m looking forward to a long weekend as much as the boys are. It’s even supposed to get cold this weekend!

We are working on our blog a lot these days, so pardon the craziness going on along the sidebar.

The boys and I celebrated National Taco Night a day late….had some Mexican food for dinner, listened to way too much talk about video games and are now back at home doing nothing.  Sean’s been gone this week, so he’ll be flying back in tonight. We all miss Dad when he’s gone.

Last year at this time, we were getting ready for our Autism Walk.  If you’re not familiar with Autism, read about it sometime.

We are heading south this weekend.  I’m going to take my tiny doll supplies and beg my mother for help. You would think I could’ve completed one by now, but no. Those teeny feet got the best of me!

Jacob was shining the laser pointer in my face, so I told him to stop. He proceeded to tell me not to worry about it because this would all be in the past very soon.  Good point! – Caleb told me that when he has to carry his baritone euphonium on the bus, his 2 buddies that share the seat with him all have to put their backpacks underneath, along with his friend’s trombone so they can all hold the (huge and heavy) euphonium! And, of course, he hits people with it on the bus.  Nice.  #mykidsarecrazy    Sorry, this isn’t Twitter, is it??

If you haven’t taken a look at Reece’s Rainbow yet, it’s a site that advocates for waiting children with special needs from around the world.  When you look at that blog, you’ll notice a box in the center right with Psalms 97:5. The little boy in the middle lives at my baby girl’s orphanage with her. They’re close in age.  He did have a family pursuing his adoption but they changed their minds. Say a little prayer for him, please. Lots of kids are waiting, so share the links  (here’s the Holt link) if you know of someone who is interested in adopting.

Since Caleb is hanging around me a lot these last few minutes, that can only mean one thing. (he just wants a hug?)  He’s wanting on the computer.

Enjoy your weekend! Do something fall-ish and tell me about it!






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