Saturday Hello

How is your Saturday going? I have my coffee (thanks, Sean!), slept late and the boys are enjoying their morning of nothingness. It’s a good day.

One perk of being involved in advocating for adoption is that I’ve made some new friends who are also in the adoption process. Sally is currently in the second half of their adoption phase. Check out her blog about bringing Martin home.  (feel free to chip in to their fund–they have a matching grant through October)

As always, you can click my big Give1Save1 Asia button, too, to see the current family of the week!  (see it over there on the right?) The Campbell family will be featured through this weekend and next week will be the Tucker family. Take a look at their stories, too.

Our Zoe Clothing fundraiser is still up and running! You get cute clothes (the girls’ tees are especially cute!)  and they donate a percentage to us:)  We truly appreciate it!

Oh, and Sean is teaching Caleb to vacuum…….my day just got better!

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About tonyagarrick

Southern wife, mom of 2 teenage boys and 1 beautiful little girl, middle school teacher, expat. My loves: reading, laughing, the beach, coffee and Coke, nature, newness, education, art, travel. Do not love: seafood, lies, boredom, scary stuff. This blog is about our family and our adventures through life, wherever that may lead. Current home: South Korea

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