Life Is Good

Only 2 more sleeps until Dad comes home! (for 2 days, but still) This is “travel season” for Sean, so he’ll be gone quite a bit between now and Christmas, then again right after Christmas. Anyway, the boys don’t like it, but we really do fine when he’s gone. But it does make me appreciate him while he’s away! And, tomorrow’s our 15th anniversary, so I’m thankful for my husband.  But, boy, does time fly!  Seriously!  Fifteen years and two kids (soon to be 3!) later…life is definitely an adventure.  The past 15 years have brought about some major change and growth for us.  We are both very different  people than when we first got married. (at least one of us has gained some weight….we won’t say which one–I’m still losing my baby weight)  Such is life, right? Life brings about experiences that make us grow, if we choose to. Good and bad, lots of ups and downs, never perfect, but always growing.

Caleb was practicing tonight. I would show you a video, but he would be embarassed, so I’ll show you his picture.

 Yes, I’m proud of him.  You may remember that I mentioned at the beginning of school that he was not enjoying middle school. Well, he seems to be now, so I’m really happy about that. And he’s going to the afternoon homecoming dance tomorrow. Oh boy(s). Sean’s getting old!

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Southern wife, mom of 2 teenage boys and 1 beautiful little girl, middle school teacher, expat. My loves: reading, laughing, the beach, coffee and Coke, nature, newness, education, art, travel. Do not love: seafood, lies, boredom, scary stuff. This blog is about our family and our adventures through life, wherever that may lead. Current home: South Korea

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