Still 30 Something

Another day, another year older!!;)  It’s all good…..I don’t mind being an adult. (thanks for the birthday greetings, by the way!)   My hubby bought me some new boots that I love and will wear way too much.  I would wear boots every day if I could.  Birthdays are fun! Even after your 20’s- but not nearly as much as when you’re a kid, or so my boys tell me.

Jacob’s birthday is next month.  He apologized to us that his gifts were going to cost us so much. He has asked for about 27 presents and thinks he’s getting all of them.  Won’t that be a happy birthday for him?

Sooo, just so you know, I’m convinced that “adoption hormones” are real.  Up and down, emotional roller coaster.  (It’s probably a good thing Sean is traveling a good bit these days. Maybe it’s on purpose.) We are so ready for our girl to be home. It’s hard to wait and wait.  And wait. Even the boys are over the waiting.  Caleb is ready to be a big brother. He’s had plenty of practice.  Jacob is taking this new role very seriously. He told us that we should be preparing him because he has no idea what to expect. He’s so funny!

Strangely enough, I have not bought a Halloween costume for the fellas this year. Caleb is making his and Jacob wants to be a shadow, so apparently, no costume is needed.  I can’t wait to see how this all works out!

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Southern wife, mom of 2 teenage boys and 1 beautiful little girl, middle school teacher, expat. My loves: reading, laughing, the beach, coffee and Coke, nature, newness, education, art, travel. Do not love: seafood, lies, boredom, scary stuff. This blog is about our family and our adventures through life, wherever that may lead. Current home: South Korea

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