Christmas Lingers At Our House

Greetings! Look at this….

You know who that’s for! And, we sent another care package with Sean. He’ll be “in the area” for his job, so he’ll deliver it. Sooo ready for her to be home. This year!!

We have a matching grant that you can donate to. When our account on the Reece’s Rainbow site reads $518, we’ll receive an additional $250 from a friend of a friend. Whom we have never met. It makes me teary. If you give through this link, it will be tax deductible. (And you’ll see a picture of Julianna when she was younger!) Click here to donate and consider yourself hugged.
If you donate on our blog, it goes straight to us, no tax deduction. Of course, either way works for us!

The boys go back to school tomorrow. They’re thrilled. We used some gift cards today, so that helped. Now I’m just hoping someone comes to clean my house and put up decorations! But I really am still enjoying my tree. Are there rules about holiday decor? Don’t worry, it will be down by February… unless I can work it into Caleb and Sean’s birthday themes!


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