Time To Share

Thanks for stopping by!  It’s Tuesday, so it’s time to chat.  I’ll wait while you get your coffee. (or hot chocolate)  Ok….welcome back:)

Let’s talk about our dreams.  Goals, plans.  What do you think? Have you thought about what it may be? Holley has encouraged us to start small. (remember, we’re linking up every week!)  Baby steps. Can you take one step toward a new goal? A big dream? A small change? I know you can. Holley’s e book“Do What You Can” Plan may be something that can help you get started.  Seriously-it’s good. It will help you focus in on what you were created for.

I’ve made the arrangements for my conference.  (Created 4 Care)  I’ve worked on a few personal goals.  (hey, they’re personal!)  I’m steadily working towards my adoption….that’s a never ending process these days! I’m attempting to organize my time and energy…..focus it on my specific {dreams}.  You know….stuff.  Something.  Anything except nothing.

You can do it, too.  Shoot me an email if you need a cheerleader.  Sometimes it helps to share your thoughts (goals, plans, dreams) with someone else.  To say it out loud to someone else.

Much love to you today.  Enjoy the rest of your coffee!-TG


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