Time for an adoption update. There have been many rumblings in the adoption world about the changes in Korea.  First, we heard that we would have to travel for a longer stretch and we would need to appear in court in Korea. Then we would have to wait for 2 weeks and take care of the embassy appointment ourselves.  Then we heard that none of that seemed to be actually taking effect (affect?), so we’ll see as time rolls on.  On a positive note, our paperwork is in Korea where it will be translated and then distributed to the many different offices who need copies of my diploma, etc. Ha!  Now the weird part is that once we sent that paperwork off, we were done with our end of the process.  So, while we’re really excited, it’s also surreal and VERY hard to wait.  But we know she will be home soon!  We have to  wait for everything to make its way through the process. We have had no snags or issues, but the process is long and it can be tiring.  We don’t have any more definite dates or anything, but I promise, you’ll be the first to know!;)

On to more fun things to talk about….

We are very happy to say that we FINISHED our puzzle piece fundraiser! And even sold a few extra pieces! 🙂 We also heard from a few grants this month, so  I’ll give you a breakdown on where we are financially:

Puzzle Piece fundraiser: Right at $2500!!!

Zoe Clothing, donations, our necklaces and tees and 31 Gifts: About $2500!

Matching Gifts and Reece’s Rainbow fund: $3100!

We received 2 grants: $6000!

We have raised  (from our fabulous supporters)  and been granted over $14,000!!! What, what?? To say we’re excited is an understatement!

Since God doesn’t have a bank account, He uses people to meet financial needs. For that, we are grateful! We’re more aware than ever how a little goes a long way and we’re thankful for every single donation.

So, give yourself a pat on the back, a big hug (well, not too big since I’m not a touchy feely person;)) and a “woohoo!”  We are extremely grateful.  That is a massive chunk out of our expenses and a huge relief and blessing.  Thanks so much!


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