You May Say I’m a Dreamer…

My GSD topic is to “encourage other dreamers”.  I realized that we all need encouragement, right? I know I do!

To the mamas who dream of “something else” when their kiddos are grown…it’s okay. Don’t feel guilty.  

To the mamas who want to rock their babies everyday and never go back to work again….rock on, mama.

To the young women who aren’t sure what to do, but they know it’s something big, don’t give up on your dreams.  Reach for them–stretch for them.  You will find them. 

To my boys who dream of creating and never growing old, I say, do it! Stay young at heart, my babies.

To you who aren’t quite sure what’s next, just keep looking.  Or, let it find you.

To the biggest dreamer I know, my husband, keep dreaming. I’ll follow you.





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