Orphan Advocacy–Reece’s Rainbow and Holt

Time to do a bit of orphan advocacy, or, you know….James 1:27.  (by the way, “pure religion” was almost the name of this blog…just fyi)

Reece’s Rainbow advocates for waiting children.  There are 100s of children in need of families. If you feel called to adopt, visit their site and learn more.  If you want to donate to waiting children’s grants, you can.  That grant is given to their family when they are matched and ready to travel.

Here are a few of the waiting children… Justin, age 1 1/2. He has Down’s Syndrome and heart issues.  He has a huge grant to help his family bring him home.  Is it you?

Meet Miss Naomi.  She is 5, beautiful and has Cerebral Palsy. Her country is open to single moms.

And on the Holt Waiting Child Page, there are boys and girls waiting. Waiting for their forever families.

What? Did you ask about requirements to adopt? Look here for info about several countries.

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them. (Proverbs 3:27)

I’m glad you stopped by today!


2 thoughts on “Orphan Advocacy–Reece’s Rainbow and Holt

  1. Hi, Tanya! So glad to happen across your blog through the reeses rainbow site. We loved your daughter on the Holt WCPage and were so glad she finally had a forever family. We brought our WC daughter home from Holt Korea last September. We’re up to date on the latest difficulties in getting these kids home from Korea. UGH. Stopping now to pray your sweet baby girl is home sooner than you think. Love that your husband got to meet her. YAY for that. Now let’s get her home to you!!


    • I’m glad you stopped by! Wasn’t she the cutest little thing on the WC list?? Hopefully, I’ll be able to post homecoming pics this summer:) We can’t wait!

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