Fast Summer

School starts next week! I’m not ready for summer to be over. These are a few of our summer fun pics….









Silly fun, zoo, pools, park, camp, dancing until mom showed up, brothers.
Oh, and they fixed their own lunch one day.
We’ll have a 4th and 7th grader next week! It gets better and better.

We Need A Date!

We were submitted to court! Now we just wait for the dates to be set…progress, progress!
It usually takes a few weeks to hear back, so we’ll wait “patiently”!:)

This is who we’re waiting on!:):)


Folks are getting travel dates–I hope we get ours soon! I’m getting a little crazy, so I thought I would make an effort to focus on what I’m thankful for. Ya know, instead of obsessing about the wait. At least for a minute. (I’m trying, really.)  So, this is a short list…

my very creative Caleb

Jacob, the truth teller

Sean, the thinker

summer time

my family

friends scattered around

my sweet/feisty little daughter in Korea



Coke (not diet, it’s bad for you)

elephant ears (the plant AND the fair food!)


the end.

Summer Fun! (ignore the whining children…)

No new adoption news.

Moving right along….

The boys and I have been enjoying the nice weather.  Enjoy the mini photo dump:)

Paddleboats and sunburns!

Paddleboats and sunburns!

Yes, I’m hot, too!!!

20130708-192331.jpgPretty sure the ducks thought we had food…we did not.

Very HOT slide:)

Really? You’re hot??

A little swimming...

A little swimming…

And, of course, they were told to move away from the ladder in case one of the other 5 people may want to get in the pool. Whatever.


Jacob jumping–big stuff, folks!

20130708-191932.jpgMy therapy session.  You’re welcome.

We love summer!!!! We love summer!!!! We love summer!!!!

and we’re ready for Dad to come home. the end.

(and the kids really weren’t that whiny…I think that was me)