Bragging And Silliness…You Know, Because It’s The Holidays!

It’s almost Christmas!! (and I’m not through shopping)  My kids are soooo excited! Jacob has asked to open a gift every day for over a week now.  Caleb and Jacob can’t wait to be out of school and are trying hard to convince us that these last few days really don’t count.  – They all had fun decorating the tree.  The boys are super sweet with Julianna–she gets so excited about everything.  She loves Christmas lights, cookies and her ornaments on the tree.  It’s a “Christendenden tree”  And, she lives in “ssippi”.  She says the cutest stuff!  One of her favorite things to say is “booger nose!”  She loves to talk and will just babble with us if any of us are talking around her.  She fits right in!

Caleb was in the spelling bee at school and came in 4th place.  He’s also in choir and is a great singer.  (if I do say so, myself…..and I do)  He said he’s not scared to sing a solo anymore–the teacher makes them:) He sang “Counting Stars” by One Republic and nailed that high note;) He’s awesome.

Jacob was invited to join the National Junior Honor Society.  We are super proud of him. He works really hard at school and has had a great year. He’s does so well with Julianna, too.  He thinks it’s hilarious that he can be a big and little brother at the same time.  LOVE him.

IMG_1558 IMG_2538Awww, isn’t she cute?? Julianna, not me.

And I’m just telling you that this picture, along with the book about angels I got for Christmas really tells the truth about me.  The secret’s out….

Disclaimer: I do not really think I’m an angel. Nor do I believe that I could wear wings that big.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Eat a lot, enjoy giving and receiving and spending time doing whatever makes you happy!


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