Toddlers and Teens, Etc.

Today is the 3 month home mark!  Julianna is doing so well, learning English like crazy and bringing us lots of laughs.  She has a great sense of humor and likes to boss everyone around.

Funny things Julianna says/does…..

She calls napkins “dungies”, she says “take it to me” instead of give…she holds out her “noooooo” like a champ.  She pretended her single piece of popcorn was a baby going to sleep and had it wave to us.  She screams “BLESS YOOUUU!!” everytime you cough or sneeze. She was fussing at me, but couldn’t think of what to say so she just pointed at me and said, “YOU!!!” I knew what she meant;)

The boys still think she hung the moon, so she gets away with lots of stuff, but it’s okay.  She is really cute.

Caleb turns….ahem….13 this Friday.  I’m not sure if I can accept that.

Jacob told me this week that he wants a school transfer because his class missed a few minutes of recess.

Sean comes home Thursday. I’m throwing a party. It will just be him and the kids there, so I think they’ll have a lot of fun!