My Firstborn

I enjoy spending time with my oldest baby. He is a blend of both of us with more of his dad’s intellectual abilities and my weird sense of humor. We like the same vines and sit coms while his dad can’t understand how those are funny. So we watch them when it’s just the two of us. He thinks I just like the vidoes but I know how fast time flies.


I guess one blog post a month will have to do. The past few weeks have been busy for all of us. Just your typical school, work, repeat routine with a few adventures thrown in.

The weather is cooler and starting to feel like Fall. My goal is to have a pumpkin in October.  They are not common here but I know they exist! I may have to carve a squash but we will have some sort of jack o lantern next month!

I can now direct the taxis to our apartment and say “right, left, straight, here, there”–along with my other 5 words. Oh, and “a little bit”. This is important when asking for a little bit of food OR knowing a person can speak a little bit of English. Progress!

Sean and I walked to the Seoul Tower last weekend and the weather was beautiful. 

 View on the way up.  

  Us. Seoul Tower

There are a few restaurants at the tower so we had lunch and saw several performances, which is very common in Seoul. There’s always something going on around the city. 

We also went to the Thai Festival in Cheonggyecheon with friends.  Another beautiful day.



We had a picnic at school yesterday, which included dodgeball. The boys were happy. All 3. Julianna just collected as many dodgeballs as she could. It was nice and rainy.

Walking to catch a taxi. (See the yellow lines? They’re very slippery. Take my word for it.)
Today we had church, lunch and Jacob’s first haircut in Korea.


I know I said I would show pictures of our apartment but…. next time! Ok? Kamsahamnida!