Friday at the Han and other nonsense

There is a seasonal night market that happens on weekends along a section of the Han River. We went there tonight, along with thousands of other people. Food trucks, a few musical acts, street food…think fair atmosphere. 

A fun part of being in a big crowd outdoors is the people (of all ages) whizzing by on scooters (the little kid kind and the motorized kind), bikes and segues, and also seeing some extreme couple matching (of all ages). Couples, friends and families picnic along the river (it’s massive) and bring food, buy it or call and have chicken delivered right to their location. There were, at least, 200 people in line for shrimp skewers. The burger and nacho trucks were wildly popular, too.  And that’s why I ate empanadas along the Han.

So many chicken restaurant flyers!

  We had major issues attempting this selfie. The lighting was bad and this was snapped mid argument.   
  Julianna took a nap right before dinner. The options were chicken meatballs, skewers of chicken, fish cakes and right out of the frame was pupae, which smells as nasty as it sounds. I’ll never be able to tell you what it tastes like, but Caleb can.  
This is the ridiculousness that we bring with us daily. I proudly ordered my coffee in Korean and it only took twice as long as it should. The vendor was super nice and turns out, completely fluent in English. (Sadly, Julianna did not have a coffee to show.)

 But she did get this very special magic wand!   

A very diligent attempt at reading the menu. I’m not sure why Jacob’s hair is sticking out either.

Fun fact: There are a few “letters” that are interchangeable. P/B, T/D, L/R.  

Fall is arriving just in time for Chuseok! The weather was beautiful tonight. The kids are out of school for a full week and we are all ready for the break.

On that note, I’ll leave you with some reggae from the night market… 

Take care!❤️