How Time Flies!

Miss Julianna has been home for 1 year!  It’s hard to believe……sometimes it seems like just yesterday and sometimes it seems like she’s been here forever.  She’s such a huge part of our family.

She LOVES to play school and mama.  She likes to wear our shoes, carry my purse, tell us what to do and take care of her babies. She’s a girly girl who also likes to play hard and get dirty.  Bows and cleats….

She has become a lot more affectionate and secure in the past few months.  It has been a year of adjustment and grieving for her.  So many new experiences and people to get used to, all the while missing her familiar.  New situations can still cause anxiety for her.  Korea is still part of our conversations and we hope to keep her very connected to her birth culture.   Some have asked if she knows she’s adopted or if we want to keep her language, etc.  We would LOVE to expose her to more Korean culture, but it’s hard here in Mississippi:)  The diversity is, shall we say, a bit lacking in our community.  While we’re on that subject, if you see people of different ethnicities in the community, be polite and nice.  Reach out to them.  Be patient with them.  Moving to a new culture is hard.  Learning a new language is hard.  Fitting in to new social situations is hard.  Making friends is hard.  All of this is hard enough when you are from the same country and move to a new area, but when absolutely everything is new, it’s especially difficult. Don’t be afraid to interact with people who are not the same as you!! (that really applies to anyone, not just immigrants) Just a little PSA for you!   Back to adoption talk……yes, she knows and it’s totally okay with us that she realizes she’s adopted.  What good would it do to keep that a secret?   We know it will bring questions along the way and we’ll deal with them as they come up.  We will speak positively about her birth mother and father, we won’t act like they don’t exist…..we will speak highly of her culture and not ever act like she isn’t Korean.  She has people in Korea who love her and we love that!   And remember, she’s almost 5 and super perceptive, so there’s no secret keeping from her!

Julianna is our strong, feisty, super smart and charming little girl!  She is compassionate and loving.  The boys love having her as a sister and think she does no wrong.  (well, almost nothing wrong)  We love her to pieces!



Super Short Update

Our trip went really well. We enjoyed our time in Korea and are looking forward to going back soon….hopefully, within 3-6 weeks!

At a palace…


After waayyy too many hours of travel

It’s good to be home…can’t wait to go back!!

The Sun Is Out-Yay!

Quick update on our week…..

I ate 4 cherry tomatoes from my plant today.  The only 4 that made it.

We are in the middle of PFO, which is pretty busy and fun.  Always nice to see the new teachers who are going overseas.

Sean’s out of town for 2 more weeks.  3 weeks is about 2 1/2 weeks too long.

The boys are loving summer time, even though we’ve not done a lot of “exciting” stuff.  They’ve both been eating like crazy so I anticipate a growth spurt and the need for new shoes soon. They’re ready to go to Korea because we’ve promised to do fun stuff there;) And they’re ready for their sister to come home, too, of course! They’ve been asking good questions, like, how will she know where to go to the bathroom? (we’ll show her) How will we know what food she’s allergic to? (not everyone is blessed with food allergies, guys) Can she drink our water? (uhhh?)

We are waiting on court dates now. Still looks like a few more months before we bring her home, but progress, people, progress.

I’m in a good mood today because I’ve been able to be soak up some sunshine.  I don’t have any full length mirrors in my house and I’m glad.  Sometimes you just don’t need to be reminded.  So there.

That’s all, folks!

Still Here!

What? Did you ask if we were still fundraising? Why yes! Yes, we are! JLCoffee You can buy your coffee and support our adoption. And, they have cute tees, too!

You can also order a tee from us for 20 buckaroos and shop through our She Does Justice link.


If you order a shirt or want to donate, you can give through Brittany’s Hope who will match us up to $1500. You just donate to the “special needs grant” and type in our name. Easy.

Remember when I said we had to take 2 trips to Korea now? Yeah.  That’s why.

Our summer has been pretty lowkey. Sean is teaching Caleb and Jacob to play racquetball. A little swimming, lots of Connect 4 and UNO.

That’s all I’ve got for now, folks!!

A Beautiful Day

This was our writing prompt this week.

We’ve been walking the path of God-sized dreams together for a few months now. Will you share an update with us about your dream? Let us know where you are with it–the happy and the hard.

Where am I? I’m smack in the middle of a huge part of my dream…..completing our adoption.  It’s exciting and exhausting. But I’m also appreciating the parts that have led up to this point of my life, reminded of people and places and situations that have pointed me to here. Life is always ebbing and flowing…always changing. Growing. Not staying the same. Not staying in the same place. Not stagnant.  That’s my biggest fear. I never want to look back at where I was a year ago and see the same person.

The specifics don’t always matter, but the willingness of my heart to embrace the moment does.


We all have them. What’s yours?