He’s moving on to 8th grade! Jacob is a pro at being a middle schooler. His favorite classes were Bible, Pre-Algebra and Social Studies. He liked chapel and his small group, too. If we can get him to stop carrying everything in his bookbag, I’ll be happy.

A few 7th-grade highlights 

Week Without Walls in Korea (ziplining, lots of outdoor activities, traditional Korean food, etc.)

Everland (amusement park)

Skiing over Christmas break

Turning 13 in Hong Kong

The New York City Subway System is the largest subway system in the world, with 468 train stations and 26 subway lines. That's one massive subway system!





Time Flies!

Keeping up with blogging has taken a backseat to life as a family of 5! Three kids have turned out to be way more than 2!:) Julianna has been home for 9 months. Her language has improved so much lately….she’s doing well in her new preschool class and is as energetic as ever. So much energy!
The boys changed schools this year. Caleb really likes it (8th grade!?!) and Jacob is warming up to his new class/teacher. He does like being right next door to me, though, so that helps. Speaking of me, I have never been more exhausted as I was Friday evening! So tired!! I already love my kids but I’m not gonna lie….it’s hard work. Hard and fun!
Nothing else to say so I’ll post a few summer pics.




It’s Summer ’14!

Why has it been so long since I’ve updated this blog?? Here’s what’s new….Julianna is cuter than ever, Jacob is going into 5th grade at a new school and is nervous, Caleb is ready for 8th grade (at the same school where I’ll be teaching) and I finished my last day at NICS today. (It’s been 6 years!!)
We’ve been to the DAC, Sky Zone, seen family….you know, typical summery stuff.
Pics–just for you!



We’re heading to Six Flags next week! Summer’s going by sooo fast! We’re having fun– hope you are, too!

Embracing The New

Cannot believe it’s 2014. (I’m pretty sure I say that every year!) This has been a busy/crazy/fun/eventful year for our family. The obvious would be gaining a family member! But the boys have had a good year, too. They’re both doing well at school and have really been great with Julianna. We’ve had a lot of fun over Christmas break, mainly, just doing a lot of nothing.

Last year, I chose a word for the year. (Do you do that, too, or just me?) It was “intentional”. People say choosing a word helps you focus and prioritize your life. So, this year’s word will be “embrace.” Embrace life, embrace love, embrace others. I need to embrace the life I’ve been given and not worry about how other people choose to live. Be loving—unconditionally… to those I know and those I do not.

I’m looking forward to this year. I love watching our kids grow and learn more about themselves and how they want to live. And I love learning from them, too. I love their sense of adventure, their sense of humor, and their love of learning. All 3 of them.

Goodbye ’13 and happy 2014! May you and I embrace everything it has to offer!


Fast Summer

School starts next week! I’m not ready for summer to be over. These are a few of our summer fun pics….









Silly fun, zoo, pools, park, camp, dancing until mom showed up, brothers.
Oh, and they fixed their own lunch one day.
We’ll have a 4th and 7th grader next week! It gets better and better.

Summer Fun! (ignore the whining children…)

No new adoption news.

Moving right along….

The boys and I have been enjoying the nice weather.  Enjoy the mini photo dump:)

Paddleboats and sunburns!

Paddleboats and sunburns!

Yes, I’m hot, too!!!

20130708-192331.jpgPretty sure the ducks thought we had food…we did not.

Very HOT slide:)

Really? You’re hot??

A little swimming...

A little swimming…

And, of course, they were told to move away from the ladder in case one of the other 5 people may want to get in the pool. Whatever.


Jacob jumping–big stuff, folks!

20130708-191932.jpgMy therapy session.  You’re welcome.

We love summer!!!! We love summer!!!! We love summer!!!!

and we’re ready for Dad to come home. the end.

(and the kids really weren’t that whiny…I think that was me)

I’m Now A Blue Jays Fan!

It’s exciting to see someone that you love have their dream come true! Evan was drafted on Friday to the Toronto Blue Jays and gone (way too) early Saturday morning! Off to rookie camp in Florida.

He had a bunch of family and friends come and celebrate with him.  He’s worked really hard for this and we couldn’t be more happy for him. His Dad was a huge sports fan, so it only makes sense that he and Jordan are, too.  They’re a ball lovin’ family!  We were all biting our nails Friday waiting to hear what was happening.  I mean, everyone but Evan. He was snoozing.  He’s a low key kinda guy.

What a difference a summer makes!

I think it was last year at the expo that he realized he was really THAT good…



Looks like we may be driving to Canada to watch baseball, eh??

It’s Almost Summer! {and we’re still waiting!}

Adoption update:
Yeah, nothing new, just waiting. There is a good chance we’ll have to take two trips to Korea. So, our spring travel plans are turning into summer travel plans. But, hey, who doesn’t love Korea in the summer??

Caleb played paintball today and you would have thought he won the lottery. Boys.
Jacob has discovered UNO. It brings back old youth group trip memories. There were some serious UNO marathons on the way to camp! And FYI, I’m still not competitive and Sean is still OVERLY so. Gah!!


Grandma is here this weekend. Thankfully, our flash flood disappeared as quickly as it came and it’s turning into a pretty weekend.
I planted a few things this weekend. I really want my tomatoes to grow! I wish I had a huge garden.
Less than 2 weeks left of school! My nephew, Evan, graduates next weekend. Time flies!! It will be my own babies graduating before I know it.