The Sun Is Out-Yay!

Quick update on our week…..

I ate 4 cherry tomatoes from my plant today.  The only 4 that made it.

We are in the middle of PFO, which is pretty busy and fun.  Always nice to see the new teachers who are going overseas.

Sean’s out of town for 2 more weeks.  3 weeks is about 2 1/2 weeks too long.

The boys are loving summer time, even though we’ve not done a lot of “exciting” stuff.  They’ve both been eating like crazy so I anticipate a growth spurt and the need for new shoes soon. They’re ready to go to Korea because we’ve promised to do fun stuff there;) And they’re ready for their sister to come home, too, of course! They’ve been asking good questions, like, how will she know where to go to the bathroom? (we’ll show her) How will we know what food she’s allergic to? (not everyone is blessed with food allergies, guys) Can she drink our water? (uhhh?)

We are waiting on court dates now. Still looks like a few more months before we bring her home, but progress, people, progress.

I’m in a good mood today because I’ve been able to be soak up some sunshine.  I don’t have any full length mirrors in my house and I’m glad.  Sometimes you just don’t need to be reminded.  So there.

That’s all, folks!


Almost DONE!

I updated my little vine on the side….did you see it?? We left that little lady bug behind;)  ((Small update: There was a cute little vine, but I accidentally deleted it.  Oops. Just take my word for it…it was really cute.))

We may have gotten a bit overzealous with the tee shirts. If you want one, let us know! I’ll mail it to you for $20.  (or 2 for $30!) Pretty please! I can only wear so many tee shirts!!;)  Otherwise, you better hope I don’t get your name at dirty santa this year…

(Just for clarification, any more money donated/raised will still go toward our expenses.  We have some travel expenses that are going to be a bit more expensive since we’ll be traveling around summer time…you know, when ticket prices jump up! We’re not stressing about it, though.)

Thanks, everyone:) We cannot wait to go to Korea!

Here’s a link to some children waiting for their family… could be you , ya know!



Guess what?!  Sean was able to see Julianna yesterday! And, thanks to Skype, so was I!  He took her a birthday cake because she is turning 3 next week.

Image She is such a cutie with lots of personality! She showed up in a velvet dress because she loves to dress up.   It is so obvious that she is well loved by her “aunts” and other care takers.  That is a huge blessing to us.

So, this is what we know……she loves to eat, thinks everything is hers, has lots of spunk, and has made lots of improvements with her speech, etc.  We still don’t know a date that we’ll bring her home, but we do anticipate spring.  Come on, spring!!!

Here ya go!  A bit of sweetness for you…


What do you think?  Any hope for him?