Summer Was Way Too Fast

This summer, we

Saw Jordan graduate:) Cannot believe that…  (proud aunt here)

Went to PERU!! It was amazing! Sean paraglided-we watched. We ate LOTS of fries.  Lots.

Went to the beach for 1/2 day, but I pretended like it was a whole week!

The boys spent a week with the grandparents and played with cousins. Lots of fun!! (tired grands…)

Planted 2 tomato plants which have yielded, so far, 7 cherry tomatoes.  And a squash plant that died. And another flower that died, but don’t tell my Mama because she gave it to me.

Had a visit from some Mobile family….always nice! Walked on Beale….feet were not 10 feet off of it, but still.  (kudos if you get that)

Saw a few movies.  Read a few books.

Bought some girl stuff🙂

I went to NY. Saw Evan in his element. Thanks, V, for the invite–we were thisclose to Niagara Falls!!;)  Super proud aunt.

Then school started. It was fun while it lasted!