Lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer

I would live at the beach if I could. Seriously. In a hut.  Well, maybe not a hut, but still. However, that would not bode well for our family. Instead, I steal a few hours of beach-ness anytime I can. 

I should clarify that when I say beach, I mean beach with white SAND.  I cannot handle lakes. Unless I can get in a boat. Ohmywordno. Apparently, I have some sensory issues of my own.  I have to know what I’m stepping on.

4 hours this weekend. That’s all, but it was awesome! I LOVE summer, the sun, the 100 degree days. Who knows why? I grew up in Mobile, where it’s hot, humid and home to mosquitoes.  You would think I would rather live in Alaska.  But no….give me sunburns, sweaty kids and the sound of waves any day. 

Speaking of sunburns, my poor son needs a better mom.  His face was glowing by the end of our little beach excursion.  Fortunately, he tans better than I do. He was nice and brown by the next day. So what’s worse?  A little sunburn or blocking every bit of Vitamin D the sun has to offer with SPF 90?

I’m one of those people who wilt a little in the winter. I miss the sunshine so much. So I soak up every drop I can, whenever I can. 

Sitting in the sun for a few hours is good therapy for me.  (As is reading a good book!)Image What’s yours?