One Of My Favorite Books

I just finished my book! It’s A Year Of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans.  Oh my goodness.  If you are female, please read it.  I loved it so much.

In a nutshell, she explores several traditions within the OT of the Bible and lives them out now, in her own life.   She writes honestly about how they relate to women now, the roles of and how women were treated then and now and how (sometimes) we can reconcile them.  Sometimes not.  It resonates with me.  Read it.  Here are a few lines that I love…

“The Bible isn’t an answer book.  It isn’t a self-help manual.  It isn’t a flat, perspicuous list of rules and regulations that we can interpret objectively and apply unilaterally to our lives.

The Bible is a sacred collection of letters and laws, poetry and proverbs, philosophy and prophecies, written and assembled over thousands of years in cultures and contexts very different from our own, that tells the complex, ever-unfolding story of God’s interaction with humanity.

When we turn the Bible into an adjective and stick it in front of another loaded word (like manhood, womanhoood, politics, economics, marriage, and even equality), we tend to ignore or downplay the parts of the Bible that don’t fit our tastes.  In an attempt to simplify, we try to force the Bible’s cacophony of voices into a single tone, to turn a complicated and at times troubling holy text into a list of bullet points we can put in a manifesto or creed.  More often than not, we end up more committed to what we want the Bible to say than what it actually says.”

Did I say few? I meant several.  I want to have coffee with her.  I’m done talking about but, did I say I loved it?? I loved it.