Almost Christmas.  I can hardly believe it! You would think I was through shopping, but nope.  Not quite. Why rush when you can wait, ya know?

My peanut brittle never got hard. WHY?? Someone please tell me. And it’s completely glued to the pan.  I’m tossing it.   I’ll make a few more goodies for this weekend–hopefully, my brownies will get done this time! I promise I can cook. Usually. My chocolate covered pretzels never fail me.

My boys met me for lunch today. I just love them! They’re so excited to be out of school and can hardly wait for Christmas.  Let me just say…Caleb eats like a horse.  I don’t mean quantity…  What in the world? I blame it on rushing through school lunch.  He inhales his food like we’re going to throw it away in 10 minutes if he’s not finished.  Goodness.  He is one of the funniest kids around, too. They both crack me up.  Add Sean into the mix and it’s craziness at the lunch table. Sorry, Memphis Pizza! (about the noise and the mess)

We found a great Japanese restaurant in Southaven.  It’s tiny but yumm-o. That’s where Jacob revealed his chopstick skills.  It’s official–only I can’t use them. Oh well…maybe I’ll get some of those trainer sets. With a cute character on top.  We had takeout tonight and they did NOT send chopsticks.  Bummer.

Adoption Update!  ………….

(You read it right.  Nothing new.  Zilch.)

((Side note: Thank you for buying 31 products, necklaces, bracelets and shirts.  The necklaces have all been sold.  I’ll probably sell some more bracelets after the first of the year. End of side note.))

I hope you’re having a very merry Christmas season!  Eating candy, having better luck with your baking than me, drinking lots of coffee/cider/hot chocolate/hot tea….whatever. We’ll be in bama for Christmas where it should be almost 70 and rainy. Awesome.

Okay, that’s all.  Wasn’t much, was it?? So far I’ve gotten 3 Starbucks gift cards this year:) I do love it!  We should really meet for coffee one day:)  Only 5 more sleeps…



The Holidays Are Here

I am decorating my tree tonight.  I have not gotten very far BUT I did make a bow! I’m so proud of myself.  It’s looking festive on the door as we speak.

I have about 3 gifts bought. I tend to procrastinate.  I guess I always will because I am almost 40…

I truly wish you could hear Jacob reciting his Christmas wish list.  It’s quite long. Caleb’s is shorter, but way more expensive. We also feel like we should be buying for Julianna.  I know….we really shouldn’t.  But I know I will.  I just can’t help it! I haven’t bought many clothes, but I must confess that I’ve gotten a little carried away with bows.  What if she’s not a bow girl!!? I wasn’t. Oh well…I’ll put them on her for a little while and just hope she doesn’t rip them off.  But, I do remember them taking her headband off at the orphanage before we walked outside.  Hhmmm…..

I told a friend that I need to wear a “I’m adopting!” shirt so people know why I’m half crazy.  It will all be okay, though. Just six months or so, right?? That’s not long.  (yes it is)

If you have any idea why both of my loaves of banana bread fell AND my brownies would never get done, please share.  It was raining yesterday, does that matter??

Okay, back to the tree. If it turns out great, I may post a picture.  Maybe.