Earth Day Honors Creation

What energizes you? What brings out the best in you? Makes you feel like a whole person? That would involve being outdoors for me. I have to be outside (preferably at the beach or digging in the dirt) whenever possible to feel like my whole self.  What about you??

Okay. Now we’ll talk about Earth Day.  I know that many of my Christian friends and family think that celebrating Earth Day is a waste of time, that it’s a liberal “holiday”, that being green is not a calling for us. That we should worry about people and we have dominion over the earth, so global warming isn’t real or shouldn’t be worried about.  You know what I’m talking about.  I heard the BEST sermon Sunday about Earth Day. Seriously.  Here are  a few of my favorite parts.

1. The earth was created first.  Then us.

2. Yes, we are given dominion over the earth, but what does that mean? Does it mean we can do what we want without any accountability or responsibility? I don’t think so. We are supposed to care for God’s creation, not wreck it and abuse it without concern.  I’m sad that this is a new concept for me and a lot of us.  Why does recycling and being responsible citizens, not polluting, being conscientious of our impact on the environment seem foreign to us? Why is it something to be ridiculed and claimed to be a waste of time and even more, against true Christianity? I don’t get it.

3. God will redeem his creation.  People and the earth.

If He created it, He must love it, right?

If He loves it, we should to.  Right? I believe so!

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Want to listen to the sermon? FBC Memphis, podcasts on the right side.