A Beautiful Day

This was our writing prompt this week.

We’ve been walking the path of God-sized dreams together for a few months now. Will you share an update with us about your dream? Let us know where you are with it–the happy and the hard.

Where am I? I’m smack in the middle of a huge part of my dream…..completing our adoption.  It’s exciting and exhausting. But I’m also appreciating the parts that have led up to this point of my life, reminded of people and places and situations that have pointed me to here. Life is always ebbing and flowing…always changing. Growing. Not staying the same. Not staying in the same place. Not stagnant.  That’s my biggest fear. I never want to look back at where I was a year ago and see the same person.

The specifics don’t always matter, but the willingness of my heart to embrace the moment does.


We all have them. What’s yours?

Cara Box

Time to talk about our Cara boxes! I sent my box to Jenn, my new friend from South Carolina. It was so fun getting to know her.  My box came from the beautiful Laura.  So fun! Definitely check it out at Kaitlyn’s blog.  {that’s 3 blogs you need to take a look at}

Thank you, Laura, for my books! I love them! One for me and one for Julianna:)

IMG_5404OK, ladies……you can do this next month, too. (and you do not have to blog to participate)  It’s fun to encourage someone with a Cara box:) And it’s fun getting your own box in the mail!  We all love mail, right? By the way, Cara means “beloved friend.” Very sweet.

Dear You

I’m a little concerned about some of you.  Some of you do not feel you are enough.  Just you.  Enough.  But you are.  God did not create you to need someone else to make you whole.  You already know that, right? Maybe it’s just me that thinks I need others to make me better.  Now, before you get in a tiff, I know that we need people around us.  I do know that.  I love a good chat, too.  But what if you don’t always have people around? What if you don’t have a ton of friends, don’t have GNOs every week? Aren’t involved in your church, don’t have many girlfriends?  Does that make you less than?  Does that mean you are lacking? No, it does not.

I think if we’re not careful, we start comparing ourselves with others.  She has so many friends….she’s always doing fun stuff….she has the best job….I wish I was like her.  I wish I was like her.  Not like me.  Girls, ladies–this is not of God. Don’t compare yourself to others. Please don’t.  I know it creeps in on us, but it’s not healthy.   I know that we set high standards for ourselves.  We sometimes fail to support our sisters, each other.  We secretly are glad when “she” doesn’t get the promotion. We secretly are glad when “her” kids stay in trouble.   It makes us feel better about ourselves.  Because we don’t think we are enough.

Time to let it go, dear. Quit giving her and yourself a hard time.  Fear is not of God.  Guilt is not of God.  Perfectionism is not of God.  Grace is of God.  From God.  Be gracious to yourself. It’s not only for others, it’s for you, too. Because you are enough.

Time To Share

Thanks for stopping by!  It’s Tuesday, so it’s time to chat.  I’ll wait while you get your coffee. (or hot chocolate)  Ok….welcome back:)

Let’s talk about our dreams.  Goals, plans.  What do you think? Have you thought about what it may be? Holley has encouraged us to start small. (remember, we’re linking up every week!)  Baby steps. Can you take one step toward a new goal? A big dream? A small change? I know you can. Holley’s e book“Do What You Can” Plan may be something that can help you get started.  Seriously-it’s good. It will help you focus in on what you were created for.

I’ve made the arrangements for my conference.  (Created 4 Care)  I’ve worked on a few personal goals.  (hey, they’re personal!)  I’m steadily working towards my adoption….that’s a never ending process these days! I’m attempting to organize my time and energy…..focus it on my specific {dreams}.  You know….stuff.  Something.  Anything except nothing.

You can do it, too.  Shoot me an email if you need a cheerleader.  Sometimes it helps to share your thoughts (goals, plans, dreams) with someone else.  To say it out loud to someone else.

Much love to you today.  Enjoy the rest of your coffee!-TG

It’s Been Real, 2012

I’m spending New Year’s Eve in St. Louis with my honey. And a LOT of other people.  The Urbana conference had over 16,000 attendees! Pretty sure I talked to most of them;)

I’m looking forward to 2013.  I’m going to focus on my dreams.   You remember, I already told you about it.  If you missed it, read about it on Holley’s blog here.  Or here.

Why don’t you join me?  You know you want to.  We all have a dream….some are hidden way down deep and some are beginning to surface. Why is that? Why are we scared to do what we’re created to do?  Be who we’re created to be? I plan on finding out!  I’ll be writing about it weekly, so you can do the same.  Write in a journal or a blog or anywhere else…..start writing out your dreams.  Then start believing in them. Let’s encourage each other. I’ll be cheering you on!  -TG