Almost DONE!

I updated my little vine on the side….did you see it?? We left that little lady bug behind;)  ((Small update: There was a cute little vine, but I accidentally deleted it.  Oops. Just take my word for it…it was really cute.))

We may have gotten a bit overzealous with the tee shirts. If you want one, let us know! I’ll mail it to you for $20.  (or 2 for $30!) Pretty please! I can only wear so many tee shirts!!;)  Otherwise, you better hope I don’t get your name at dirty santa this year…

(Just for clarification, any more money donated/raised will still go toward our expenses.  We have some travel expenses that are going to be a bit more expensive since we’ll be traveling around summer time…you know, when ticket prices jump up! We’re not stressing about it, though.)

Thanks, everyone:) We cannot wait to go to Korea!

Here’s a link to some children waiting for their family… could be you , ya know!

Finally Friday

Y’all, it’s been a long week. My boys started school Monday and getting back into the routine has been tiring. (This one is a bit rambly…-you’ve been warned!)

Jacob is adjusting well to 3rd grade at a new school, likes his teacher and has a few friends in his class that he already knew. Yayy!  Caleb, on the other hand, is adjusting a little more slowly into middle school. His school is huge and none of his buddies ended up in his main classes. He’s a little down and it hurts this mama’s heart. Caleb has always been our sensitive one and takes everything to heart. He misses his friends. He has had such a good attitude. He’s a one friend kinda guy, so we’ re talking a lot about getting to know people and giving them a second chance if they disappoint. He’s only 11…he shouldn’t have to worry about being disappointed, but he has been and will be again. We disappoint, his friends disappoint, life disappoints. The only person that is never selfish and will never make mistakes is God. Jesus. So, if that’s true, why do people die too young? Why are people suffering? Why are there children without families? These are the questions my kids ask. And I get to tell them that I do not know. Because those are my questions, too. Fortunately, we are allowed to ask questions and God is not threatened by that. For that, I am thankful.

I don’t know about you, but our kids do not accept pat answers. We’ve learned to be honest if we don’t know the answers to their questions. Caleb is a question asker by nature. Is that any surprise? Have you met his father? Jacob doesn’t have time for rhetoric. Just the facts, please! They keep me on my toes and I love that.

We received a bit of info about our girl….she wears a size 2(ish) and is 36 inches tall! We are excited to have this info because we can now send care packages!! I’m not sure what we’ll put in the care package yet….I’ll let you know when we decide. Any suggestions?  She seems a bit tall for a 2 1/2 year old….she’ll fit right in!

Lastly, take a look at Give1Save1 Asia. The family of the week, the Hurst fam, is adopting from China. Our Africa family is adopting from the Congo and the US–2 babies! So fun! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy helping these families raise their money for their adoptions and share their stories. Each story is so sweet–you’ll love ’em!! And, we all know I have the gift of gab! That’s the only thing I got in trouble for at school–talking.  Well, talking and being late all of the time;)

Okay everyone, have a great weekend! It should be beautiful here!