Be Happy!

I read today that “whatever you love to do, do a mini version of it every day” or something close to that.  Doesn’t your day get better when you take a few minutes to do something you love? Something that makes you happy? Even for a few minutes? Do it tomorrow.  What do you love to do? Read?? Make time to read a chapter of a book or a few magazine articles.  Talking to friends? Call your bff! Being outdoors? Running? Gardening? Do it–even if you don’t really have time.  Take 15 minutes to enjoy what you enjoy.  It will make your day that much better. By the way, time outdoors keeps me off antidepressants.  I’m not even kidding. Seriously. Sometimes, I just sit there on my porch…..I may read, or I may just sit. Soaking up the sun.

Tomorrow, I will spend a few minutes outside and enjoy my cup of coffee. And probably run by Starbucks.  (because while I like coffee, I LOVE their coffee!)  What about you…what will you do? What brings you joy??