Autism Awareness Again!

Well, hello there!  I wrote a guest post  {<<–click to read} at Love Without Boundaries, which is really a blog about adoption and orphan advocacy BUT they asked if I would write about special needs.  Yes, please!  I would love for you to take a look and while you’re there,  see how you can get involved with orphan advocacy.

Here’s an Autism tidbit for you…..after all, it is Autism Awareness Month, remember? Yesterday, I wrote about our experience with Jacob.  However, not every parent of a child with Autism has the same experience.  Autism is hard. It’s a lot of work. It’s frustrating. It’s scary. It’s draining. Some children have major issues with communication, eating, socialization, etc. To the point that their families feel isolated.  I want to be respectful of my fellow mamas and daddies out there. No 2 children with Autism are the same. Remember that Autism is a spectrum disorder? You can have varying extremes of sooooo many issues.  So, while our experiences aren’t necessarily the same, the love for our children is. We all want the best for our children, right? Parenting is never quite what anyone expects.  For me, it’s far greater than I could have imagined.

If you know of a family who is struggling, reach out to them.  Send them a note. Drop off a meal. Offer to babysit for an hour or 2 so they can get out of the house. Without their kids! (but don’t be offended if they say no–sometimes, the offer is good enough)  Let that family know that you care.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:33-36

Dear Caleb

My favorite things about you….I’ll just pick a few.

You’re smart, hilarious, creative, a thinker, sensitive, compassionate, stubborn, a Daddy’s boy, the best big brother ever, kind, honest, caring.  And a good dancer.

I love that you’ve always thought for yourself.  Don’t stop.

You’re super creative and want to live an adventurous life.  Don’t change.

You are your own person…always have been.  You’re the old soul of our family.

You made me a mother…are Jacob’s “best brother” and still a Daddy’s boy.

Photo 68

Love you bunches, Caleb P!

The Holidays Are Here

I am decorating my tree tonight.  I have not gotten very far BUT I did make a bow! I’m so proud of myself.  It’s looking festive on the door as we speak.

I have about 3 gifts bought. I tend to procrastinate.  I guess I always will because I am almost 40…

I truly wish you could hear Jacob reciting his Christmas wish list.  It’s quite long. Caleb’s is shorter, but way more expensive. We also feel like we should be buying for Julianna.  I know….we really shouldn’t.  But I know I will.  I just can’t help it! I haven’t bought many clothes, but I must confess that I’ve gotten a little carried away with bows.  What if she’s not a bow girl!!? I wasn’t. Oh well…I’ll put them on her for a little while and just hope she doesn’t rip them off.  But, I do remember them taking her headband off at the orphanage before we walked outside.  Hhmmm…..

I told a friend that I need to wear a “I’m adopting!” shirt so people know why I’m half crazy.  It will all be okay, though. Just six months or so, right?? That’s not long.  (yes it is)

If you have any idea why both of my loaves of banana bread fell AND my brownies would never get done, please share.  It was raining yesterday, does that matter??

Okay, back to the tree. If it turns out great, I may post a picture.  Maybe.