Can You Eat Cake for Breakfast?

Thanksgiving is almost over. (yes, my green bean casserole turned out good, thanks) The only food left around here is cake. –  I’m not a typical black Friday shopper, so I’m about to hit the sack and am enjoying the quiet, while my husband and brother stand in a line somewhere.   It works out.

Is it weird that I barely saw my kids today? They played nonstop all day long. They ate and went back and played some more. With no one getting in trouble! They love the woods around my parents’ house. I even let Caleb drive me around on the 4 wheeler through the trails. He managed to hit every bump and hole around.

I’ll tell you something else.  It’s VERY strange having a child on the other side of the world. It just is. I wonder what she’s doing all of the time. Since she’s at the orphanage, we don’t get many updates on her, so I have to operate on the “no news is good news” p.o.v.  So, while the boys are busy doing their thing, I wonder if she’s also having fun.  Or if she’s feeling okay today. It can get a little crazy!!  On the brighter side, this should be our last Thanksgiving as a family of 4!

Eat leftovers tomorrow and finish off the desserts! If you’re shopping (now or in the middle of the night), I hope you find that bargain….and tell my husband hi if you see him out!