charity:water, pretty please!!!

Happy Wednesday!

a few random thoughts…….

we turned our heater on tonight. finally.

jacob ate a chocolate covered pretzel today. (thanks, missy!)  he also loves folding washcloths and putting silverware away.  who knew??

caleb is more like an adult than a child. always has been:) he’s hilarious, too!! he’s so much like sean, it’s not even funny!

i feel like I’m pregnant, but no one can see! i’m a crazy mess and no one knows why:)

i have another cause for ya.  it’s charity:water.  they put wells in underdeveloped nations so the people don’t die from drinking contaminated water.  if you can, give a few dollars to my page HERE.  you can read all about the organization there, too.  It’s pretty self explanatory!  seriously….can you donate? if so, thank you!

thank you to those who have bought our stuff, too! we appreciate the love!

do you like my all lower case letters? they make me cooler. (more cool?)