Foggy Tuesday In Seoul

We landed in Seoul Monday night after an easy flight. Just disregard the whole 15 hour flight time. The boys were super excited, the food was good, there were movies, and we were all seated together.
We ate fast food last night at Lotteria. (Maybe??) Sort of like McD’s, but with a Korean twist, like fried squid rings instead of fries! You know, like onion rings!;) Caleb was the only one who ordered that. He also was dying for street food, so we bought these fish cakes. They’re sweet, filled with red bean paste.
Jacob wanted one but couldn’t get past that filling! Who knows why they are fish shaped?! 20131029-063704.jpg



It’s Tuesday morning here. We’ve all been awake for hours except Caleb. Which means he’ll be the only one worth anything later today.
We heard Miss J is having a going away party this afternoon! We’ll pick her up tomorrow, so let the praying begin! Or kick into overdrive. Caleb and Jacob are so ready for her to be with us!
We’re planning on going to Lotte World today and probably a little sightseeing. Right now, I’m just ready for breakfast since I’ve been up since 4. There’s a Starbucks closeby, but it doesn’t open until 10! (We do have a 7 11 at the bottom of our hotel, though.)

Guess What!

Sooooo, if I was one of those really good mamas who are adopting, I could tell you exactly how long it was since we first started this crazy long process or how long we’ve been waiting, but, you know me too well.  And anyway, none of that matters right now because we are GOING TO KOREA NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!    Yahoooo!!! Yippee!!! Aahhhh!!!   (picture me running around in a crazy circle right now, not gracefully, either)   Next week! Next week!  We’ll be leaving over the weekend and staying for about 9 days.  FINALLY! I’ve waited so well, though.

We’ll keep you posted.

I would like to add that Caleb is so excited about visiting another country and trying new food, riding the subway…..  while Jacob is concerned because he’ll miss Halloween.  Because “I want candy AND to go get her!”  LOVE them both.

Fall Break and The Super Long Wait

The boys have been out of school the past 2 days and you would think it’s Christmas at our house.  Our big activity was a trip to an indoor trampoline place.

The J'ster in Action C in actionBecause that’s what trampoline pics look like!


We do not know a travel date and today has not been good for me regarding this really, really long wait. Really long.  So, here’s to not taking it out on my family and hoping tomorrow is a better day.

And We Wait

Remember that time I wrote about being thankful while I waited? I need to do that again. The list is probably the same as before, too, but humor me.

Funny Jacob
Super creative Caleb
Sean being home
Seeing our girl
The beautiful fall weather
Scattered around family and friends
A good book
Hair dye (what??)