Love, Love, Love!

I’ve been looking through old pictures lately and have a ton from our time with our house full of girls. It’s happy/sad! I learned sooo much from those girls! If you have ever thought about fostering, do it. If you think it will be too hard to love and let go, you’re right. It is hard. Do it anyway. Love always wins and you will be better because of it. Who wants to live an easy, comfortable life anyway? You’ll miss out on so much.

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By the way, did you know you can host children from other countries? They are adoptable, but also need experience in a family, whether they are adopted or not.  They may never experience what it’s like to live in a family setting, go on vacations, to the beach, have their own baseball, etc.   You can host for the summer or over Christmas.  Find out more about it at New Horizons For Children.

Spread the love, folks!